Q & A

Q: What do you think about teen pregnancy?

A: To all teenagers who want to have a baby. A baby is not a doll. I believe some girls my age may have a baby because they want someone to love and love them in return. A baby is going to grow, and so are the bills. That cute, helpless baby is going to develop a mind and have beliefs that its parents may not agree with. Young parents must realize that a child is not a carbon copy of themselves. If they are not mature enough to understand that their child is an individual, the results can be devastating. Sometimes girls have a child because they engage in unprotected sex. If they are not even responsible enough to practice safe sex, how can they be responsible enough to care for a child? Not saying all teen pregnancies are the adolescent’s fault, say you have been sexually assaulted, and that is not your fault. I Believe at that point you have the choice whether not if you want to keep the baby or not. If you do you must know it will be hard, it will make your life way different. Ask yourself are you truly ready for a baby.