Why Arlis Badley Should Be Class President. By: Justin Massee

Arlis Badley is a strong, conservative candidate running for Class President. You will not find someone more devoted to the satisfaction of his classmates. Under the Arlis Administration, your opinions and concerns will be highly valued. Meeting your needs will be his number one priority. With less than 40 members of the of 2020 class, Arlis will have plenty of time to take each of his classmate’s opinions and turn them into actions. Arlis understands that as President, it is his duty to serve his class. Arlis promises to take his responsibility seriously, and to serve his classmates and friends to the very best of his ability.
When you cast your vote for Arlis on election-day, you can go home that day with your head held high. You will have an indescribable feeling in your heart knowing that you have made a difference by voting for a candidate who will make your class, your school, and your town a better place.

Vote for Arlis Badley as your class president of 2020

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